Mallorca is a magnet of creativity and diversity.


Our island is famous for its artists, craftsmen as well as its agricultural ressources and its gastronomy.

Would it be in the vibrant capital Palma or in the most rural areas of the island, you will encounter local and international entrepreneurs trying to change the world and develop a new, sustainable quality of life.



Llucmajor is one of the largest territories of Mallorca. 

Llucmajor village is very representative of Majorcan traditions and quality of life. The market, on the town's main square, showcases the produce of the land.

The countryside of Llucmajor, where we are located, is made of olive, almond and carob trees fincas separated by stone walls.

Its very dry, almost arid climate is a challenge for agricultural and human needs. 



Cugulutx is the name of the former "possession" or estate that was runned over 200 hectares at the South of Llucmajor village, on the way to Sa Torre and the sea.

The history of the estate dates back to the 12th century, and its lands have been divided over time, giving way to Son Antem Golf, and many other properties.

The estate's former mansion is located next to our land, a dry stone beauty.


Sa Qenti

Our land of 4 hectares was planted since the 30s with Carob and almond trees and then used  as a goat farm. it was abandoned for 20 years when we bought it.

Sa Qenti means hummingbird in Quechua, and as we decided to undertake the challenge to transform our land into a thriving community, we compelled the name of this teamwork champion. 

The former goat barn and has been transformed to welcome our home and our activities.

On the land, in line with permaculture principles, several areas have been identified to develop the ecosystem to its full capacity in the next years.