September 2017 : How Max & Ludo fell in love with Sa Qenti

During Summer ’17, we discussed with Max about our life plans. After 2 years living together in Paris we felt more and more the need for a natural life and the exhaustion of our urban life.

We also decided that at some point we wanted to live in Spain. Both of us enjoy the culture and the social frame of the country.

So looking at options and discussing with friends we focused on Mallorca. At that time, we had not started our initiation on ecology and sustainable lifestyles. We were more about enjoying life, building a family and a strong friends’ network together.

I quit my corporate job at the same time at the end of September. For my 39th birthday, on September 13th, I went to Mallorca to visit several land pieces that Max had selected on the internet.

The first one I visited was what will become Sa Qenti.

During the visit with the real estate agent Rafael Nadal (lol) I immediately felt a strong connection with the place and the feeling that I was “home”.

The situation was quite scary : a ruined building, no electricity, no water, a very dry and windy land (after a hot summer)…

Not really a plug and play place where to spend our 2018 summer as we had scheduled in the first place!

After visiting 5 other spots around Llucmajor and Santanyi, I decided to discuss with Max on looking into this particular finca.

Two weeks later, I came back with Fernando Ansorena my friend and an experienced architect, and we decided to launch the project that was to become Sa Qenti.

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