November 2018 : Ludo & Max project -Second Planting Campaign


As close as possible to Sainte Catherine’s Day (Nov25th), we spent a full day with Jose Ansoleaga and Maxime’s sister Victoria in the field, planting about 140 plants.


The energy was great on that day ! Rain had stopped and the sun welcomed us. We felt also important to have with us Victoria and her strong feminine energy to compensate our masculine power 😉


Together with Jose, we used our permaculture zoning to focus on Zones 2, 3 and 4. Indeed the works on the main building had not started so it was not useful to work on zone 1 at this moment.

We carefully looked at the solar orientation, the winds and the water distribution in these zones.

We visited one month before plantation Biel and his team at Llabres Viveros where we selected available plants and trees.

We decided to use the beams and stones from the demolition of the old roof of the building to design paths and plazas within this zoning. With his small engine, Juan (we call this Juan Hoyos (holes)) helped us to move the soil and create difference of levels and dig the biggest holes for the larger trees.

Ludo clearly enjoying being in the wild 😂

Concerning Citric trees, we decided to plant them in this area for the moment since the final “Citric Garden” place will not be available before September 19, after renovation of the building.

Here is the list of the trees and plants we chose

Zone 1

-One Lime Tree

-Line of Oleanders to separate zone 1 from zone 2.

– mix of succulents and aromatic

Zone 2

– Two Feijoas

– Three pistachios

– One Medlar tree

Zone 3

– several Carob tree

Zone 4

– jacaranda, carob trees

We prepared with Jose the needed organic fertilizer.

We also planted around the trees more 100 small plants (rosemary, lavander, artichokes, succulents, hibiscus…) to start diversity and experiments.

We finished the day by launching seeds of green fertilizers like oat seeds all over the planting area.

Max and Ludo around the lime tree and the line of white oleanders

Victoria and her prefered tool 🙂

Jose, Victoria and Max preparing some romero cuttings to be inserted in the ground

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