May 2018 : Energy of Sa Qenti will be Solar

When Ludo & Max decided to start the project in Mallorca they would never have imagined they would go for an autonomous solar energy system! French culture of energy is all about centralized, nuclear and high-tech energy.

They started to ask for a cost estimate for the connection to Endesa network. Camino de Sa Torre is a main road and runs along the plot,  so they then thought it would be an easy one….

It was a Big surprise when they understood that the cost was of 85,000 euros as a new transformer had to be created and connection with the network also needed new cabling. They are quite sure the prices were crazy and that Endesa took advantage of its monopolistic power.

Their two options were to share the cost of connection with other neighbors who wanted to benefit from a modern electricity installation OR study a photovoltaic solution.

They then opened their hearts to their neighbor Aitor. Aitor is a tech geek and has realized himself his PV installation and many other low-tech solutions for his house. Aitor advised them to go for an autonomous PV system, not even connecting it to the network as Endesa is considered to be a real mafia and rob you at every step.

After consulting with Lara our architect they asked three PV specialists to work with them on estimating our consumption needs and design a PV solution that will enable to remain autonomous.

They discovered that the technology is now mature and prices affordable.

An autonomous PV solution is composed of different elements :

  1. PV panels

  1. Transformation center with frequency management

  1. Batteries for energy accumulation

  1. Diesel generator to be used in case of problems

They consulted with Puigcercos, Solarta and PuigcercosCifre.

Carlos from PuigcercosCifre convinced them to go for his expertise and quality. Prices quoting were indeed quite the same from one company to another.

If you want more information on the installation please contact Sa Qenti Association.

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