June 2018 : Preparatory Works at the Finca


Max after the demolition of the roof. Quite a man !

Total budget : 10,000 €

After finalizing the architectural design, we had to wait for the obtention of the Building Permit.

Lara and our neighbors explained us how the Permits department of the city hall of Llucmajor was collapsed with work and that we would have to wait for one year or so to obtain it.

We decided then to start some preparatory works to save some time and also start to create the limits of our oasis.

Creating boundaries

When we bought the property there were no proper gates. The stone walls had also a low height which made impossible to protect the property in case we wanted to breed animals later. We also felt that we needed proper boundaries to feel at home and to clarify the entrance / exit of the property (Feng Shui !)

We met Javier and his son in Arenal and they helped us with installing new gates made locally with recuperated steel and also to temporarily install metal fences on top of the stone walls located next to the busy Camino de Sa Torre. It was a clear message that the property was not abandonned anymore and that a project was starting. I guess it is a very animal feeling to “mark” your territory!

The old gates before we started the project

The metalic « valla » installed by Javier on top of stone walls

The new Main Entrance on Camino Cugulutx

The 2nd entrance on Camino Sa Torre

Demolition of the Roof

The existing roof was falling down and was becoming a real danger.

Before roof removal

After roof removal

We asked Javier to put it down and keep all the removed materials for re-use :

– Mud and remains were used to create the main access way from the new gate to the house

– Wood beams were used to create paths within the cultivated zones 2-3-4

– Tiles will be used for permaculture growing techniques for vegetables

– Stones were used to recreate walls and future facade elements

Natural rubbish from roof removal

Roof rubbish used to create our main path to the house

Cleaning the property

Together with our neighbor Juan we cleaned the property of dead Almond trees. We decided to let them down on the soil so to decompose and nourish it.

In future Zones 2/3/4, we made a mistake, as we decided to plow “the old way”, way too deep. I took this decision too fast and without having spent enough time to understand the soil system.

At least this helped the soil to be lighter and pionneers plants like daisies to grow very fast. But it also put back all the organic material accumulated deeper in the ground 😦

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