June 19 : about Mallorca seasons at Sa Qenti

The seasons in Mallorca are really changing the atmosphere and aesthetics of Sa Qenti.

From October to March

26 to 17 degrees temperatures

the land becomes green quickly as humidity and good rain are providing water for the plants to come back after a very dry summer. In total yearly rainfall is about 500mm in Mallorca which is to compare with about 650mm for Paris.

Tons of small snails are also multiplying on herbs and stones.

There is rarely snow and temperatures are never falling below 3 degrees in February the coldest month.

From March to May

23 to 27 degrees average

The Spring period is shorter than on the continent.

The carobe trees new leaves are appearing together with their green fruits. Bees are burstling among beds of yellow and white daisies making the place looking like Paradise.

From June to September

32 to 38 degrees temperature

Nature shuts down because of extreme heat and only the carobe trees are providing shade and fresh protection.

Everything become dry since no small bushes or trees had been kept on the land.

A large goal of the landscape project will be to recreate conditions for life maintenance during summer thanks to low and middle height plants and crops.

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