July 2019 – creation of Asociacion Sa Qenti

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

During the first months of 2019, Maxime and Ludovic realised that their aspiration for Sa Qenti should imply the creation of an NGO. The Land and the House could be put at the service of a larger community than their families and friends.

For this matter, they decided to create in July 2019 an NGO under Spanish Law called ” Asociacion Sa Qenti”.

The NGO will have a permanent access to part of Sa Qenti Land (about 75% of the property or 30 000m2 including access to water and electricity) and to Sa Qenti House (spaces for creation and residence of projects teams).

For their own private use, Ludovic and Maxime will continue to take care of the 10 000m2 of Sa Qenti Land they already have started to regenerate through their own personal permaculture project. They will be occupying a part of Sa Qenti House not needed for the NGO Projects.

The NGO will be focusing on providing support for natural and cultural projects aligned with its objective : protect mediterranean rural nature and culture

The NGO Governance will be built during summer 2019 with different people onboarding the organisation to ensure the diversity of opinions and transparence concerning the projects supported.

Every year, Asociacion Sa Qenti will select several nature restoration/ agricultural/artistic/handcrafts projects and provide them with logistics, financial and communication support.

The first project to be supported will be the implementation of the first Miyawaki “miniforest” in Spain jointly with a specialised NGO . The project should start during Fall 2019.

This promotes the creation of native forests without maintenance, in every terrain and also in urban zones. They stimulate the reforestation process using the Miyawaki plantation method. Those forests grow very fast (till 1 metre per year), are 30 times denser and contain a biodiversity 100 times greater with respect to classic afforestation methods. Moreover, they provide a positive social impact. These mini-forests can be easily planted everywhere in any kind of soil, being founded on the selection of specific local seeds, e.g. on residential zones, criss-cross squares, school buildings, enterprise and factory yards, river bords or marine coasts.

More info concerning this project called “Tierra One” during the summer !

If you want to be kept in the loop of Asociacion Sa Qenti, you can leave your email in this landing page.

Here for the landing page 

If you want to discuss the projects of the Asociacion please contact us here.

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