January 2018 : Modeling of Sa Qenti with Sketch Up

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

For most Oasis projects, you do not need to be an architect or be able to use architecture softwares. But Ludovic wanted to learn about SketchUp and discovered that the software was quite easy to work with and could become an interesting tool to model projects on the land.

That is why he went to a training course in Paris during one week in January 2018 and used Sa Qenti as a practical case during the week.

The main output has been a great tool to better explain the project to our network, as it  gave us a better sense of proportions to take decisions remotely.

Since, the project has evolved many times thanks to all the people we met and a to a better knowledge about local ressources. It still provides a good idea of the final visuals.

When time will come, Ludovic will be able to use his news skills to help other Oasis projects with the modeling of a particular place in a limited amount of time.

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