Dec 14th 2019 – First project of the Association !

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The Association launched on Dec 14th 2019 its first participative project with the plantation of a Miyawaki mini forest on the finca land in Llucmajor.

The Miyawaki mini forests are using Professor Miyawaki innovative technology developped first in Japan in the 80s. The forests are growing thanks to this methodology 3 to 10 times quicker than traditional methodologies used in Europe for reforestation. It consist in recreating the conditions of development of original forests where the density and diversity of plants and trees were creating incredible ecosystems mixing collaboration and competition between them.

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As the first project of the Association Sa Qenti, aimed at protecting biodiversity in the island of Mallorca, the project was developed in a experimental field of 250m2.

The 50 different species can be summarised in 4 different categories (high shade trees, trees, small trees and shrubs).

12 volunteers from the Island and the Peninsula came to help during the plantation. Organised by teams of 2, they prepared the plantation soil with incorporation of horseshit and hay. Then the plantation took a few hours to be completed with a protection of the area with hay and the installation of an irrigation system.

The project will now be followed by the Association to assess the quality and density of the forest through the next 3 years. After this period, the forest will become a “magical” place where no human presence is possible, in order to recreate the conditions of a real forest.

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