Our Mission

We celebrate and promote diversity. Diversity in nature, in agriculture and also in human relationships


Our inspiration

Our inspiration comes from Satish Kumar’s philosophy: the trilogy Soil, Soul and Society, providing guidance for humans. His wisdom is based on taking care of nature (Soil), upholding human values (Society) and pursuing personal enhancement (Soul). 

Sa Qenti is a collaborative project using permaculture principles in its design and construction.

We are finally inspired by Mallorca’s ancestral traditions of respecting plants, natural ressources and animals. For centuries, its craftsmen and farmers have understood how to make the most of limited ressources. As an island, Mallorca has until recently known how to only count on its own resources.


An oasis

in the middle

of the Med Sea

One of humanity’s most complex and fragile ecosystems, the Med Sea is under threat today after centuries of human abuse of its natural resources and more recent destruction of its traditional know-hows and artistic creativity.

This period to come may be a mere opportunity, as Joanna Macy transmits for decades, to create a new way of human living. This Great Turning needs experimental places to prove that a sustainable way of life is possible.

Mediterranean civilization and biotope is one of the first to be affected by global warming. Hence creating proofs that human life remains possible in such regions is crucial for us, as Southern Spain risks to become a desert if CO2 emissions are not curved, according to this Guardian article.