Our story


Sa Qenti is run by an NGO called Asociación Sa Qenti, created in 2019 by the owners of the land, Ludovic & Maxime, together with local friends.

We are financed mainly by donations and events. 


Qenti in Quechua means Hummingbird and Sa is Majorcan for feminine article “The”. The hummingbird has inspired the Colibri Movement (Hummingbird in French), because of its application in performing small tasks that may seem derisory but are a fair share of nature’s cycles and movements.


The hummingbird does its small share within nature, as every individual action may seem ludicrous, but as a part of a global movement, will have amazing consequences. We feel close to this philosophy and are willing to create a place that will bring its share of improvement to our planet.

Qenti is also a tribute to Peru, a country we keenly cherish.

With the spirit of the Hummingbird in mind, Sa Qenti is looking to make its small contribution and become an inspiration for similar contexts all over the Mediterranean. 


Join the team


The Asociation welcome members to help participate to the design and the implementation of the projects.  We also welcome woofers to participate to our projects

Send us an email at saqenti@gmail.com to join the association and be updated on our news


Meet the founders

Ludovic and Maxime felt love for Mallorca in 2017 and immediately decided to spend more time on the island. 

They scooted for a land and found Sa Qenti in September 2017.

Progressively their vision for the land changed. Originally looking to build a home for their holidays, they decided to transform Sa Qenti into a community.


For this, they decided to create an NGO to run the projects. 

The Master Plan of the farm reflects their vision and is subject to the changes brought by all people contributing to the project, as per the principles of permaculture (observe and adjust).