The Association

Sa Qenti is run by an NGO called Asociación Sa Qenti, created in 2019 by the owners of the land, Ludovic & Maxime, together with local friends.


We are financed mainly by donations and events. 

Sa Qenti support individuals or teams looking for facilities to execute their projects, for various periods of time. 


Sa Qenti is focused on low-tech, slow-life projects where technology is used wisely to reach a bigger audience. 

We value social and natural diversity as an essential element for happiness.


Join the NGO

The Asociation welcome members through participation to our projects. Would it be over the year or just for one day, local and visitors are welcome to participate to the construction of Sa Qenti Ecosystem. 


Under the principles of permaculture, we invite artists, craftsmen, farmers, gardeners, cooks, therapists and others to be part of a unique and creative environment. 

Every year, Sa Qenti select several projects and provide them with logistics, financial and communication support.

  • Sa Qenti House hosts residents, looking for a workshop and a temporary home.

  • Sa Qenti Land (30,000 m2) is available for experimentation in terms of biodiversity, soil, fauna and flora restoration programs.


Incredible Experts

The success of Sa Qenti is also powered by the expertise of local and international contributors.


The collective power created by the combination of their advices and knowledges help us build a better project through the different stages of such an adventure.


Let us introduce all the talented people that are taking part to Sa Qenti.

Renewable Energy
Building Works
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Meet the founders

Ludovic and Maxime felt love for Mallorca in 2017 and immediately decided to spend more time on the island. 

They scooted for a land and found Sa Qenti in September 2017.

Progressively their vision for the land changed. Originally looking to build a home for their holidays, they decided to transform Sa Qenti into a community.


For this, they decided to create an NGO to run the projects. 

The Master Plan of the farm reflects their vision and is subject to the changes brought by all people contributing to the project, as per the principles of permaculture (observe and adjust).